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What Would Ellen Maher-Forney Do?

You’ve heard that “Jim & Meshell Little are St. Louis Org’s biggest SPs”?  Really?  Isn’t that interesting?

Tell me what mother would just quietly walk away and go about her life after a “church” required her child to pretend she and the rest of the family never existed?  (Jeremy you were ONLY 19-years old!)

EllenForneySo let’s play this out.
Suppose Ellen Maher-Forney (who is St. Louis Org’s OSA person) finally found her personal integrity…

  • Let’s assume she stopped “being reasonable” and “looking the other way”.

  • Let’s assume she had written hundreds of internal reports of things that should NOT be, that were never handled, locally or from management.

  • Let’s assume she was able to objectively see the whole picture and realized that expansion is not really happening – anywhere!

  • Let’s assume she realized current Scientology tech has strayed so far that it wasn’t even able to save the marriage of her son, Kevin and Eve (Hanses).

  • Let’s assume she realized that “management” was telling her what she should think about certain people, things & situations and she was only getting one side of the story.

  • Let’s assume she actually did the same research that the HUNDREDS of us (who have walked away since 2008) have done.

  • Let’s assume she actually looked at the stats of  OTs and realized the incredible ratio of them who’ve died of cancer, killed themselves or are now declared SPs.

  • Let’s assume she realized that atrocities are being carried out in the name of “Scientology” and thousands are actually truly being wronged in the name of L. Ron Hubbard.

  • Let’s assume she realized that the “Creed of Scientology” was not being applied, tech was being misapplied and planet-wide Scientology was off the rails.

  • Let’s assume she now easily can see that the current church is all about the money, power and recognition (David Miscavige’s personal game).

  • Let’s assume she tried to help but now realizes there is nothing going to change the devastating path that the current Church of Scientology is on.

  • Let’s assume she realized that she would be an accessory to these crimes to continue to turn a deaf ear to the whole out-ethics scene.

  • Let’s assume that after her thorough and objective research she easily sees that in the name of HELP, Scientology is destroying families.

  • Let’s assume she realized that there’s a huge sinister corruption inside, and since nobody did anything about this years ago, it’s now too late!

  • Let’s assume she realized that she HAD to start applying LRH’s “Personal Integrity” tech and decided she must disconnect from what this church has become and withdraw her support.

  • Let’s assume she realized that the only chance Scientology has is for the members to stop supporting the current corrupt organization and leave.  LRH talks about what to do about corrupt government (which Scientology International Mgmt is the governing body over Scientology) – he says WITHDRAW YOUR SUPPORT.

Now, let’s draw this out a bit and see that her children (Kevin & Julie) could not agree with her, since they are basically “newer” Scientologists.  It seems only her husband is in agreement with her, because the both of them have had 15-20 more years of experience inside the organization (and they’ve heard it all before) and are in a better position to evaluate the situation.

Well, at this point, she has a choice.  She can choose to throw away her personal integrity and just allow the injustices, out-tech and massive out-ethics to continue.  Or, she can choose to make a stand to save Scientology!   She realizes she will be unjustly declared an SP (like all those who have stood up), but she feels she must stand up for what LRH created – withdraw her support from the corrupt organization and walk away.

Her children will be forced to disconnect from her.

No matter how badly she misses them, they will not call her, talk to her or even look at her.

No matter how much it hurts, she will not be able to find out how her children are, nobody will tell her.

When her son gets re-married, she will not be part of that joyous day (or the wedding).

When her daughter gets pregnant and has a baby she will not be able to be there, won’t be able to be part of that grand baby’s life, nor will she ever be known to any of her grandchildren.

If her son is ever in a bad accident and goes to the hospital she will not be allowed in to see him.

If her son dies, she will not be allowed to see his body nor attend the memorial.

If her daughter develops cancer, like Robin Hanses, she would not be able to help her or be with her to offer comfort.

If her husband, Steve, develops a brain tumor and is dying, her children will not be there for his last months of his life on Earth, nor will any of them attend the funeral.

Excuse me Jeremy (and Sarah) –
do you honestly believe that Ellen
would just tuck her tail between her legs
and quietly walk off into the sunset?


Do you think she would be speaking out about the atrocities and wrongness of forced disconnections?

Do you honestly think ANY mom would just let her child(ren) be taken away from her without “kicking and screaming”?  If we mom’s can’t get at slight gentle cause over this massive suppression, I’m sure we would not be able to make it.

Speaking out is SLIGHT GENTLE CAUSE over the suppression and evil that is being done to families!  Actually, you both should have been able to ensure you had all the facts before you were forced to choose sides!  You only had corporate Scientology’s side of the story.

Read this story at the risk of realizing that the level of corruption is sickening these days in this “church” and it has become a greedy evil entity that destroys families for the good of one man.

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Love Always,

Your Mom,
Meshell Powers-Little


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