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My name is Meshell Little and I have things on my mind. Please read “why this blog” to find out what.


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  1. Posted by WakingUp on July 25, 2012 at 1:07 pm

    This is really beautiful that you’ve done all this for your son, to maintain a communication line even when all the odds are against it. I have life-long experience with the CoS myself, with many family members still in…. I feel for you, mama, as well as anyone could. It’s blogs like this that fill me with the strength I need to keep my son (he is 6) out of the grip of the CoS forever. Thanks for your courage. May your son one day be in your arms again. Take care.


    • Hi “WakingUP” – I first want to apologize for not responding to your kind words until now. I see by looking at the date that I have been seriously “out of pocket” since early July, late June – with Jeremy’s dad (my ex) being so sick. Thank you for the validation of my blog!! I suppose it serves a few purposes for me. 1) if he does ever see it, he can catch up 2) serves as a way for me to FEEL like I’m communicating to him 3) others acknowledge me so that at least I know I’ve been heard. HUGS. I’m assuming you are secretly out of CoS since you have so many family members in? I hope that Jeremy isn’t as old as I was when I woke up or it will be a lot of years before I see him again.


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