Thinking of You

charlie and snoopy huggingMy Jeremy – you’re on my mind ALL the time!

Lately I’ve been having very vivid dreams of you, so detailed I continue to be amazed!  I enjoy these dreams, especially when it feels like I’ve hugged you and heard your laughter.

Christmas time is approaching fast, almost faster than I think it should…lol…I’m always keeping my calendar crammed full of fun things to do from about October through December.  It makes for a lot of fun.

downloadWe are having the traditional Christmas Eve dinner and opening gifts.  Again, like I said previously, you are invited and I’m sure that I would never need another present in my life, if you’d show up!!

I’m not doing much on Christmas day, probably play a bit of xbox, watch some TV (Dexter is my latest series of interest!).  I loved “Breaking Bad” and “Sons of Anarchy”, great series.  I won’t even mention how much I liked “Lost”.  However I will admit, I like watching them best on Netflix and not as they are happening, because I hate waiting a week to see what happens!  LOL, bad as getting a good book though, if you can’t turn it off and just go to bed.  Whew.  Love it.

I’ve been connecting up with a lot of family from Oregon, from my dad’s side of the family.  I found a very cool site that has our early early Bostwick history!!  I thought you’d be interested in looking at it.  It’s on  Apparently our name was “Bostock” and the group that splintered off and went to America changed their names to “Bostwick”.  It’s pretty cool – if you find the genealogy page you’ll be able to drill down to find your name!!!  My grandfather was Willis Paul.  Have fun reading the history, I know how much you love that stuff.  You’d be amazed at how many awesome and loving relatives (closely related) we have in Oregon.

20130704_123543Speaking of Oregon, have I told you how amazingly beautiful that state is?  Breathtaking!  You’d love it.  Some day we will go there and see the ocean, desert, mountains, valley and rivers!  I think it would be a lot of fun to go camping too.

Some fun news…..when I took Nanny to Oregon this past summer, she was able to see her high school best friend again after 40 years of being apart.  I was able to snap a photo of this amazing reunion which showed so much love and emotion coming from her friend.  I submitted this photo to a work-related calendar photo contest and the photo won!  It will be featured in the new 2014 calendar in the UK. I thought this was pretty cool.  I love to snap photos.  Here is the shot.


Well I must run for now, but I wanted you to know that I think about you all the time.  Truth be known, I think of all my children many times a day.  I’m so proud of all of you.  Love you tons!

You know, my birthday is the 15th, you sure are welcome to surprise me!


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Love Always,

Your Mom,
Meshell Powers-Little


As usual, I want you to know, and anyone else choosing to call or email me – you are SAFE with me.  I’m not being followed, bugged or otherwise tracked and I will NEVER share your identity or information.  I assure you that nobody will know that you talked to me.   I know folks need someone to talk to when their stable data starts to crumble.

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