A Similar Realization For Me

I Only Want My Family Back

Want to know something?  

I only want my family back.  

I just want to be able to see & talk to my son and be a family again.  

I want his little sister to have her brother back.

That’s all I want.  I will continue to write this blog and stay as public as I feel I need to be until this happens.  The fact that he is FORCED to disconnect from his family is not a real choice.  He’s told he will be damned to hell forever if he doesn’t.  What kind of choice is this?

Once my son is allowed to associate with me again, I really couldn’t care less about this organization or writing a blog about it.  I don’t care who gets involved and I don’t care if Jeremy stays involved, I never have.  It is his path, and I believe he has the right to his choices.

I have too many other things in my life that bring me happiness and no interest in “preaching my beliefs” to others.  I have explained it very well in a previous blog post.

But until the day I have my family back together I will continue to let people know that DISCONNECTION is FORCED BY THE CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY.

It’s real and it’s being practiced in the most ridiculous of ways possible!  Those on the “inside” are actually AFRAID to even be in the same building or look at someone that the church says is “bad”.

Completely ridiculous!

Some time back I read a blog post written by a “new” OT8 (which is the very highest level one can achieve in Scientology).  I agreed with it so much it felt like I had written it! 
Today I’m going to re-posting with the title linked back to his Geir’s blog.  This made me wonder how long it will be for my Jeremy to come through these steps because this is a very common path for MOST people who get involved with Scientology, and is the exact reason it is not expanding.
In fact, a LOT of folks go through the final steps silently because they fear losing friends and family to due to disconnection.  These folks just step away and pretend to be “just fine” – but they are actually SCARED to say they no longer “agree”.  That equates to Scientology CREATES fear.

From Wog to Scientologist and Back to One’s Own Path

Written by Geir Isene – Click on the title to go to his site.

  1. This Scientology thing may be interesting.  But there is a lot of bad press about this. I will give it a try.
  2. Wow!  This communication course really works.  Scientology makes a lot of sense.  The media has got this one wrong.
  3. Scientology really has got the answers!  Hubbard was a genius.  I am a Scientologist.
  4. Everything I have experienced so far is 100% right.  The rest of Scientology must surely also be right
  5. Scientology is the One True Path to Total Freedom, the only hope for Man.
  6. The Church of Scientology is saving Mankind.  David Miscavige is the most dedicated, brilliant leader there is.  I follow Command Intention to the letter.
  7. There is something wrong in the Church that I can’t quite put my finger on.
  8. The Church is not applying Hubbard’s policy correctly.  And there is out-tech.  This is a local phenomenon.
  9. There seem to be global issues with the Church.  It is not expanding even though Miscavige says it is expanding like never before.
  10. Scientology is the Only True Path, but the current management is not on that path.  It has betrayed Hubbard.
  11. I am a dedicated Scientologist, and I can no longer support a suppressive Church.  I’m out!
  12. I am an Independent Scientologist.  I practice my religion outside of the confinement of the CoS.
  13. There sure are lots of diverging viewpoints among independent Scientologists.  But I have my own unassailable trust in Hubbard.
  14. Maybe the insanities in the Church did not start with Miscavige.  Maybe, just maybe some of the problems originated with Hubbard.
  15. Hmm… maybe Hubbard wasn’t right about everything.  Maybe there actually are other valid spiritual paths.
  16. Heck, Hubbard was wrong about a lot of things.  Crap!  My stable data are experiencing an earthquake.
  17. Scientology is a tool like so many tools out there.  It’s got its good and its bad.  I will use whatever works.
  18. I don’t really care one way or the other.  I am on my own path toward my own goals.

Not exactly my journey, but close. Although some flip to the opposite and go from fanatic to anti-fanatic, I see most people go through a similar list to the above. It may serve as a useful prediction.


As I said, most people who get involved in Scientology take this same route right down to step 11 and then just simply “disappear” and stop going around.  They become impossible for Scientology to reach by phone etc.  These folks number in the thousands and if every single one of them would come forward, on a public level, I think it would be tougher for the organization to label all of them as “suppressives”!

Don’t you think there is power in numbers?

But you know it won’t happen because the brainwashing is extremely heavy and a lot of the people who make it to step 11 are still living in fear.  They are afraid of reading anything “negative”.  You would never believe how many of them are actually SCARED to even read anything on the internet about Scientology because they are conditioned to believe that reading “anti-Scientology” anything could actually restimulate their “OT Case” and kill them!

I am not even teasing!  They are told that there are certain things they could run into on the net that could kill them…….it’s so sad because even those who are telling them this, probably BELIEVE it themselves!


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Love Always,

Your Mom,
Meshell Powers-Little


As usual, I want you to know, and anyone else choosing to call or email me – you are SAFE with me.  I’m not being followed, bugged or otherwise tracked and I will NEVER share your identity or information.  I assure you that nobody will know that you talked to me.   I know folks need someone to talk to when their stable data starts to crumble.

If you’re new to my blog please click here to see why I write this blog. 

2 responses to this post.

  1. The Scientology conditioning runs so deep that even when a person is out, they will often continue for years to view others and the world through scientology filters.


  2. Geir, you’re absolutely right! Along my path to find what was true for me, I realized I had to stop holding on to “just this one piece of Hubbard data” because it was throwing everything out of whack for me! It was amazing how so much came perfectly together when I dropped the pieces that I thought had to be there. It’s okay with me for others to have any path to what is truth for them, even the Scientology filters, and yet, when asked I proudly show others what I have found by releasing those filters. Thanks Geir for all your wisdom along your journey!


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