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Things That Are Happening – Here’s the News


Your nephew, Blaine Harmon

Jeremy my son, I miss you wildly!  

I want to hug you, talk to you and share your life with you!  Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner, you and Sarah are cordially invited over!  We are having dinner & gifts Christmas Eve (night) then games and fun!  I can’t even begin to tell you how much it would mean to me for the both of you to come.

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated you on much, but that certainly doesn’t mean that a lot isn’t going on.  I keep myself busy and happy as a bug-in-a-rug, most the time!

I love life!  I hope you do too.  I hope you’re very happy in what is happening in your life.

How does it feel to be, “Uncle Jeremy”?


Blaine Harmon, your nephew


Ashton Harmon

Blaine, your nephew is getting cuter by the minute!  This little guy has an amazing personality and is actually as much fun to be around as his big brother, Ashton!  Do you even remember being around Ashton?  Well, like it or not, lol, you are Uncle Jeremy.  How does it feel?  How I wish you were part of their lives.  I hope you have others in your life to take the place of your blood family.


Travis and Brittany are doing fantastic.  He is out in Oklahoma still running a hoe in pipeline.  He has said a few times he could get you work out there, all the work you’d ever want, upwards of good money if you’re willing to travel!  Just remember that in case you ever feel the time’s right to return to your family.  We are all here, willing and able to help you.

Brittany is pregnant with their 2nd child and we’re told it will be a boy, destined to arrive on Travis’ birthday!  That has to be exciting!  You should see how happy they are as a family, it just makes my world when they come and bring the kids!  We don’t get to see Ash as often because he is in school and can’t just get out easily.  He is “blow your mind” amazing!  I love him to death and I know you’d be so impressed with him.  He’s a tiny thing, I’d say he probably doesn’t weigh more than 40 lbs.

heather 201


Your sister is doing well.  She is a front desk supervisor in a major (very nice) hotel chain.  She has the cutest cat you’ve ever seen, calls him “Jack”!  He is the sweetest thing.  LOL, makes me think of Saber.  He is still a bit cranky with strangers, but not near as bad as he used to be.  We have a lot of things happening around our BIG house and he has started accepting there are more humans than just Jim and I.


Vince & Heather

Your sister has moved out into her own small loft apartment and has been making it go right since around June this year.  She loves living with her boyfriend, Vince.  Who knows, they might get married one of these days, too.  It would seem that they are doing really well.

Goofy pic of me!

Goofy pic of me!

I’ve been doing well, as I said I’m one of the happiest people I know!  My sadness that surrounds the situation of you shunning us doesn’t consume my life, thank God.

My learning, expanding and enlightenment has continued and I’m in a very good and stable place in my life – ready for anything.  I don’t fear death in the least and I’m completely sure that you and I will have a good chuckle some day on the other side about all this stuff.  Course, I honestly hope we don’t have to wait that long.  I want to have all my family around me, bringing the grandkids over, having Christmas & Thanksgiving traditions that we start with our own family.  That’s what I hope for!


My new massage chair!

I have a new toy at home.  Actually it isn’t really a “toy” but I pretend it is.  This chair is helping me with my back pain.  The back pain is the most frustrating part of my life these days as I just can’t seem to get it to stop hurting and I try to avoid taking pain medication as often as I can.  I will tell you that this chair makes me feel able to move my body after I’ve sat in it for 30 minutes!  You’d love it.  I keep it hidden away because it’s preciously important to me.

We have plenty of room for you and Sarah to come over and have a good time, spend the night and all.  With it being just Nanny, Jim and I, our 4-bedroom house serves as room for company to come and spend the night in a comfortable room.  I changed Heather’s old room into a guest room and used all her 8th art work as the theme!!!  LOL, she had changed the paint on one of the walls and I just went with it.  I didn’t really want to spend a lot on it, just make it comfortable and use the stuff we already had around here.

Here are a few shots I took as I was decorating the two rooms.  We have that “8th Grade Art” room that was Heather’s with a double bed in it, then there’s the “black & white” room with a double bed and decorated now in Beatles stuff (here’s a shot of it while I was still mid decorating) then there’s the twin sized room all done in Coca Cola stuff. It’s cute as hell!  Funniest thing, when Heather moved out we were always getting confused on which room was which when I totally moved all the stuff around, so we did something really funny and put room numbers on the doors in golden fancy writing – and put “restroom” on the bathroom.  The master bedroom has a sign that says “manager”.  We are silly, I know!  So now we refer to the rooms as “201”, “202” and “203”!

PicMonkey Collage

Here’s also a couple shots from our front room and living room.  I have a lot more decorating to do as I make final decisions on how I want the rooms to look.  (God, you know I always take 2-3 years to get something decorated like I want it).  But hey, if you like to play xbox or other type video games, we now have the 42″ LCD in the front room (two bottom right hand pics), tucked away on the wall so anyone who wants to play games can do it while we watch TV in the living room (bottom left pic) on the new 65″ LED!!  Yep, that was mine and Jim’s big gift this year.  I’m completely amazed by how big and real the picture looks.  It makes watching a movie in your living an experience.  I certainly did want the 80″, but that might be a couple years down the road before we upgrade to one that size (when the prices come down).  Just saying I think you’d have a good time coming over.  We keep the two refrigerators stocked and the walk-in pantry has snacks you’d love!

I’d love to share more pictures with you, but I think it could get crazy!  I love photos and have a bunch of them.  Jeremy we’re all doing super well.  Like I said, spiritually & emotionally I’m completely stable and doing awesome.  It seems that I’m also able to manifest just about anything I want in my life – except you!  LOL, I’m still working on that one as we speak.

Time is Ticking

1372226_10151874447339411_232181301_oI never told you how close you came to losing your grandma (Nanny).  On September 27th she had a stroke and spent 4.5 days in the hospital.  This was caused by her uncontrolled high blood pressure that has just never been remedied in all these years.  She has taken many different alternative health routes, auditing through NED and a lot of medications.  I think we might finally have it under control for the first time in years!

We’re thankful she is still with us, because I honestly can’t imagine her dying, believing you absolutely didn’t give a damn about anyone in your family except yourself.  Whether that is true or not, how do you expect her to feel otherwise? As far as that goes, how about Heather?  I’m not as worried about me, but those two!


Nanny being funny!

Here is a more recent picture of her, since coming out of the hospital.  I can tell you that she looks the same, but isn’t quite “the same”.  Her personality has changed, so at this point, you will never have the grandma you used to know.

Jeremy, she pulled out of it this time. There will come a day that she will be leaving us.  I know we believe that will be 20 years from now, but nobody knows how long they have!



* * *

Mike Rinder wrote an article that shows how there is a double standard in Scientology with regards to who is forced to disconnect and who isn’t – that I thought you’d be interested in reading.  It’s a viewpoint for sure, considering you were forced to disconnect from your entire family (as were others) however if you’re a particular celebrity, you don’t have to.  Who is making these rules up, Jeremy?  Mike says, “But I would guess the “Tom Cruise Syndrome” is going to come into play. No action will be taken. It will be treated as a “special circumstance” because it would create a media frenzy and “black PR.”  It’s why no disconnection is enforced for Tom from Kate or Nicole…” Read the whole article below.


* * *

Double Standard, Not Everyone Is Forced to Di$connect!
(Story from Mike Rinder’s site, click here for the original article)

Now that Leah Remini is officially a Special Person (see Tony Ortega’s blog this morning), the big question becomes whether Miscavige is going to attempt to enforce the oft-employed disconnection card with Jennifer Lopez.

Everyone knows JLo and Leah are BFFs. They were hanging at JLo’s party last nite and featured on the People Mag site (and everywhere else).

It is also common knowledge that JLo’s father is a Scientologist.

So, what is the guy who proclaims to be the enforcer of “standard tech” to do? Would eh dare risk trying to force J Lo to choose between her dad and Leah?  She IS after all, connected to an officially declared Special Person and publicly supporting her. That makes her guilty of a “Suppressive Act”.  And thus her father should be getting the same treatment as the peons are subjected to: “Get your daughter to disconnect from the SP or you will be declared guilty of a Suppressive Act and be declared too.”

This EXACT scenario has happened with HUNDREDS of people in just the last year.

But I would guess the “Tom Cruise Syndrome” is going to come into play. No action will be taken. It will be treated as a “special circumstance” because it would create a media frenzy and “black PR.”  It’s why no disconnection is enforced for Tom from Kate or Nicole…

Amazing how the “deeply held religious beliefs” and “upholding of standard tech” melts in the face of media scrutiny. Those lives and families of the “nobodies” that are destroyed mean nothing because they don’t get media attention.

It’s a sickening double standard.

PS: Welcome Leah to the ranks of Special Persons – goldenrod is the new black. :)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Jeremy do you have to keep your head in video games to escape the reality that you are being denied your family? What in the world are you doing to cope with this?  I guess it was worth it, if the St. Louis Org has now expanded since us four “SPs” were gotten off the lines!


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Love Always,

Your Mom,
Meshell Powers-Little


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