Erry “Ghost Town” Orgs on West Coast

Jeremy, today I read something that I felt I needed to share with you & Sarah.  I know this news will come to a surprise to you guys because you’re not being told these things, in fact, it’s likely you’re being told just the opposite!

This is a report of the real condition of the orgs on the west coast (Bay area) from someone who is secretly out, below the radar – so to say – so he can still go inside the orgs.

Jeremy & Sarah the west coast orgs are complete ghost towns where veteran Scientologists are leaving in droves!

A lot of them are too afraid to say they are disconnected from the CoS, but a big handful have come out openly.

The net effect is that the orgs are literally emptying and only a small handful of the “same old folks” and a few new folks coming in for intro services (and leaving just as fast) are all that are there.  Does this sound similar to how it’s been in STL for years?

The following article was an email received telling what the actual scene is in the area – which gives a lot of detail, originally posted on Mike Rinder’s blog (please click on his name to find out the full credentials of this 30-year Scientology veteran, coming from “up lines” in the most senior echelon, International Management).    The actual post is here,

I was completely blown away

by the some of the information:

“There is an Underground Railroad spanning the entire country.  When Freewinds ship handlers arrived in major metropolitan cities like Denver, Chicago, LA, SF Bay Area, etc., they have addressed Debbie Cook’s testimony on the stand with “people lie on the stand all the time.” In being questioned about how you and Marty could turn into overnight SPs after 30 plus years of staff and auditing by the best of the best auditors. The answer was that you, Debbie, Marty and the rest were plants. This was said with a straight face after they had to take your golden rods out of a locked safe.”


At what point does Scientology work?

Jeremy, that is complete absurdity.   Let’s examine this for a second and assume that it’s true.   Here we go, Marty Rathbun, Debbie Cook AND Mike Rinder were all 30+ year plants in the orgs to undermine Scientology.  First of all, who planted them, the government or psychiatry?  Second of all, who was stupid enough to let all three of them into the most senior stata of the CoS and leave them there for 30+ years?   –  Jeremy, I beg you to consider my biggest question – at what point does Scientology start to work?  When does it work for the orgs and staff?   Would you be expected to just ignore this one tiny little OUT-point even though Scientology ” has the tech of life”, the complete SP tech, the evaluator’s data course (which trains one to find the correct reason, or cause of something going wrong or not working right).  Talk about an “out-point”!  Perhaps they should have told you that your family were aliens from some other planet and it was recently discovered on the e-meter! Why not?  It sounds as plausible as the above cooked up response!

What did Matt Hanses say that allowed you to close the case on the oddity that overnight your mother, grandmother, sister and step-father all became suppressive people?  Did someone convince you that it was an ethics action and not that we are “actual SPs”?  In that case, did you question why LRH’s ethics tech of gradient ethics actions were not used, per HCO PL ETHICS REVIEW?    I’ve even heard it said that “well, they resigned and so we are no longer obliged to apply LRH tech to them”.  Hilarious.  This is especially hilarious since that particular tech is also supposedly being used in NON Scientology businesses (I don’t actually believe this) and that it is said that this tech applied to the “world at large”. Read the policies and you’ll see how absurd this is.  Darn, I’m ranting again, sorry……


Here is the full article,
and I recommend you read it
because you’re being lied to
about the expansion of CoS,
there is NO expansion at all,


scientology-san-franciscoDear Mike,

I wanted to give you an update on the Bay Area Scientology scene. As you know there are San Fransisco, Stevens Creek, Los Gatos and Mountain View orgs in this fifty mile area. Recently included to the grouping of the Bay Area orgs is Sacramento — about one hundred miles from most of the Bay Area. All Bay Area orgs sit empty. Just to be clear, there are probably half a dozen veteran public that appear for course once a week to keep their PR in.

It’s a sad state of affairs that while each org sits empty of public, some of the most well-intended (and misguided) staff you ever care to meet continue to hope for a better day when the miracle program from uplines will flood the orgs with public. It’s a hurry up and wait mentality. All faith based.

Awokened public are staying away. In fact, at this point many public Scientologists are refusing, albeit under the radar, to disconnect from the declared and the “not in good standing”.

The situation with disillusionment on the part of the public has not only grown but also changed dramatically in the past two years. At first those public that openly left or walked away were looked down on. Now they are sought and welcomed. The sec checks, rollbacks, loyalty checks and metered interviews left public feeling violated and spiritually raped. Following Debbie Cook’s letter, Leah Remini’s recent defection has given some public the confidence to reestablish and mend broken fences with friends and family who’ve been vilified by the church ‘s MAAs and local DSAs for refusing to participate or for questioning church management.

The local DSAs have voiced to their closest confidantes that they do not know what to do with the growing disaffection and media onslaught. The dead agent packs are so vile and hateful that they backfire on these DSAs when they show them to public. Though in many cases the DSAs don’t know it. Public smile and act handled. Then disappear. Public are aware that OSA is now specializing in the vilification of their own public and former staff. Public know that their auditing information can be used against them.

My spouse and I recently had lunch with a woman who had been vilified to us by the DSAs and the “Mike Smiths”. When we met with her we were surprised because she looked so good. I suppose we expected her to look bad or devastated after everything we’d heard. Instead we saw a successful and healthy woman proud of her family, loving life and involved in her community.

In contrast, one of the DSAs was extremely ill for a while and another one is so overweight we’re concerned he could have a heart attack. Another DSA has been dealing with divorce and financial woes. The DSAs look slovenly and unwell. They were once well regarded people, so it’s hard to watch them decay before our eyes.

This is Lori (Leake) Hodgson territory. Many of us had children in her school. We know her as a hardworking Mom. No one here wants to experience what she has had to. There isn’t one person we know who condones what the church has done to the minds of her children. We can only think that what these DSAs have done to Lori and to their public is making them unwell and unhappy.

Let me tell you about an incident that helped turn the tide here with some key public.  An OT Committee chairman, who runs a real estate firm took it upon himself to research the value of homes belonging to public Scientologists. He cross referenced his research against mortgages on the homes then told the public Scientologists how much they were each to donate based on percentages of these assets. One particular Jewish Scientologist took such offense to this that he figured out how to get out of Dodge. This public Scientologist’s home is valued at over five million-dollars. He’s moving his family, with his wife who is a new OT8, to where there are no orgs.

It is believed by many veteran public Scientologists locally that the class five orgs are shells for the IAS. The staff are paid more from the net commissions for IAS payments made by their public than from the delivery of auditing and training, as there is very little auditing and training occurring in the Bay Area, mostly Basics, Purifs, TR and Objectives co-audits. The org auditors who were trained at Flag for GAT 2 grades are not allowed to deliver the “new” grades until GAT 2 is officially released, even though the orgs sent these GAT 2 auditors for training over two years ago. Local public Scientologists are urged to do their grades at Flag, leaving their Ideal orgs to live off the minute income from the sales of Basics courses, TRs and Objectives and Purifs. Meeting monthly phone bill and gas and electric payments is the Hill 10 of the day for these Ideal Org EDs.

The EDs look haggard and beaten. The very last of the influential Scientologists left are on course or on staff hiding out in what’s left of the missions. There are less than a handful of missions left. The Campbell mission opened in the San Jose area then closed almost as soon as it opened (I heard it was closed shortly after Gold filmed the grand opening for an Int event). Another mission in San Jose has the facade of being opened for business but nothing is going on. It was also opened in time to make a Gold video for an international event. It looks like a garage. It sits empty and uncreated, opened by a few ethics bait second generation Scientologists.

Most of the local orgs can’t get more than twenty public to arrive for regular events or IAS briefings. We have all attended the (re)grand opening of the Ideal Orgs and, with a few exceptions, it’s the same recycled public at each (re)grand opening.

There are many more Scientologists talking about yours and Tony’s blog than there are public on lines, and even those on lines public are reading the blogs, connected to the declared and “not in good standing”, and are simply playing along for fear of disconnection. The disaffected public that ethics officers or OSA handled over the past few years are now immutably and permanently disaffected. They feel betrayed by the lies and manipulations of their “ethics” handlings. In most of these cycles these public were manipulated to believe they were full of OWs and Suppressive Acts as the cause of their issues with the church. They were gotten to turn in their friends to OSA which they now feel degraded about. I just heard about a highly trained field auditor who was handled for being disaffected and made to turn in his computers containing communications with other disaffected Scientologists.

There is an Underground Railroad spanning the entire country. When Freewinds ship handlers arrived in major metropolitan cities like Denver, Chicago, LA, SF Bay Area, etc., they have addressed Debbie Cook’s testimony on the stand with “people lie on the stand all the time.” In being questioned about how you and Marty could turn into overnight SPs after 30 plus years of staff and auditing by the best of the best auditors. The answer was that you, Debbie, Marty and the rest were plants. This was said with a straight face after they had to take your golden rods out of a locked safe.

Scientology is irrelevant in the Bay Area.

I could safely guess that about half the public are praying for the incessant demands to end.

The other half are trying to predict when the church will fall.


Jeremy & Sarah, you’re both beautiful big beings

You both have the ability to exercise your free-will and have independent thoughts.  You were taught by CoS to be self-determined and you have inalienable rights to your own path in life and to speak to whoever you want.

Click here to get my contact information.

Love Always,

Your Mom,
Meshell Powers-Little


As usual, I want you to know, and anyone else choosing to call or email me – you are SAFE with me.  I’m not being followed bugged or otherwise tracked and I will NEVER share your identity or information.  I assure you that nobody will know that you talked to me.   I know folks need someone to talk to when their stable data starts to crumble.

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4 responses to this post.

  1. Meshell, sending you big (((HUGS))). My biggest wish is that you and I and all the other families are reunited again with our loved ones and this CRUEL DISCONNECTION IS STOPPED ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!!
    I Love you my dear friend. <3.
    My blessings are with you and your family!! ❤


    • My friend Lori, thanks so much for all you’re doing to help change this situation and get our children back. (((Hugs))) right back to you. We will win this fight because we are MOMMA BEARS for sure! As you may fully know, some days are easier.


  2. Your very welcome Meshell and thank you for all your doing too! We will win this fight and get our kids back home in our loving arms! Love U my dear friend!! ❤


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