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Is Sarah Coziahr Stalking Me?


Just the other day I went to my LinkedIn account and took a screenshot of what I found!  It shows me that Sarah Coziahr is staying CONNECTED to me or she is stalking me.  I find this very interesting for sure!

It just breaks my heart Sarah actually heavily monitors Jeremy’s Facebook account and deletes anyone who might be related to him.

I know this because many of Jeremy’s family, like cousins, have had their hearts broken by being removed from his friends list.  It’s clear that he didn’t remove them because they had been on his friends list all along and were not a threat at all to him.   The only threat they might ever have posed was to Sarah in worrying that if Jeremy has any contact at all with any of his past (any family at all!) then he might feel the pain of being disconnected and having no blood family any more!!

imagesabcI find it so hard to to believe that she thinks he will be fine with this total family disconnection for the rest of his life.

Scientology requires his disconnection because I no longer want to be part of it and was subsequently accused of breaking their rules, and Sarah enforces it on Jeremy.  Mark my words, because I’m willing to lay down money that this forced disconnection will slowly erode his happiness and she will slowly lose the beautiful essence of Jeremy over time!  I know my boy, and it has to be depressing to him and as he grows more mature he will feel the void more than ever.

Jeremy has always been a tender and loving son and ironically I’m completely positive that ultimately it will be Sarah who will lose that beautiful part of Jeremy — because no matter what the Church of Scientology preaches, BLOOD IS THICKER and FAMILY are IMPORTANT!

When followers of the The Church of Scientology are required to disconnect from people they love (like family), they’re convinced that there isn’t such a thing as “family”, “your parents” or “your children”.  They’re brainwashed into believing that “we are all just spiritual and playing a game that isn’t real”……..they tell them it’s just a game of “you’re the mom”, “you’re the kid” and it’s not a big deal.

The truth is that family who love you are very important in our lives and I know that Jeremy will some day harbor a grudge against both Sarah and Scientology for making him believe that his dad was just a “thetan” and how he was convinced he shouldn’t spend the last days with his father!!


I’m sorry, but I see this as true  full-blown evil for Sarah to monitor Jeremy’s communication lines.  For instance, before Jeremy’s dad died last September and I was trying so hard to get the message to him that his dad was dying and had very little time left I asked my cousin Jodie to  send him a FB message letting him know how serious it really was.  His dad, Danny, just wanted to be with his kids during his last few months.  (It literally kills me knowing that Danny died believing Jeremy didn’t give a shit!).

Jodie reported back to me that not only did he not respond to her, but she was immediately deleted from his friends.

This particular cousin lives in Washington state, has never had anything to do with Scientology and is my mom’s deceased brother’s daughter, who is far removed from me and there was no reason why Jeremy would severe ties with her.   She is a beautiful being who was no threat at all to him.

I know Sarah had to be the one to delete her and I’m betting she also deleted the message before Jeremy could read it!

There are many who are required by the Church of Scientology to disconnect from their loved ones.  These people are threatened with losing their “eternity” (salvation) if they don’t and told they too will be kicked out of  the group as well.  However, there are a large number of those people who secretly DO NOT disconnect – especially when their loved ones were only declared suppressive people because they no longer wanted to be part of that group.  Jeremy could have stayed connected secretly to us, and I’m positive he would if it weren’t for the threats from Sarah.

Someday Sarah will know how horrible it is (or would be) to lose your child.  I’m positive that one day this horror will be very real to her … just ask any parent what they think of the thought of losing one of their children!

But for all of this……and I know it sounds weird, but I want to go on record again as saying that I think she is a wonderful girl for Jeremy.  Honestly I’m sure I would have loved her a lot and would have been proud to have her as my daughter-in-law.  As a person, she was actually a great pick for Jeremy and ultimately it’s The Church of Scientology that has created all this sadness and caused her to act so irrationally.  

As it is though, I know the level of brainwashed that Sarah is.  I know the constant fear she lives in with Scientology’s threat of being able to take her spiritual freedom (salvation) away.  That is the part that breaks my heart, because unless she wakes up there will never be a real family and she will lose that beautiful essence of Jeremy.

Ultimately my main point was that if Jeremy isn’t allowed to even look at me, isn’t allowed to even see my posts on mutual relatives Facebook pages (that might show in his feed), isn’t allowed to be anywhere that he might even glance at me – because the Church of Scientology tells him I’m evil for leaving – then how is it okay for Sarah to keep tabs on me?

I love and miss my Jeremy so much more than he knows.

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Love Always,
Your Mom,
Meshell Powers-Little


As usual, I want you to know, and anyone else choosing to call or email me – you are SAFE with me.  I’m not being followed bugged or otherwise tracked and I will NEVER share your identity or information.  I assure you that nobody will know that you talked to me.   I know folks need someone to talk to when their stable data starts to crumble.

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