Mother’s Day Came & Went

mothers-day-imageMy dear Jeremy Powers.  Amazing how my emotions swing when I think of you and your actions.  Yesterday was Mother’s Day.  I wonder if you thought of me.  I photo shopped out the “happy” part of “Happy Mother’s Day” on the photo here.  It wasn’t a “Happy” mother’s day for me.  It was a SAD Mother’s Day.  My other two beautiful children did beautiful things to make my day nice, but it was overshadowed by reality.

This is the 3rd Mother’s Day in a row now that I have thought all day about you being disconnected from me.  I try not to think of things that make me sad, and I quickly get my attention off it – but this day and my birthday are particularly hard days where the facts smack the hardest.

Part of me thinks if you’re so cruel and selfish that you’d disconnect from me for Sarah Coziarh because her Scientology religion demands that you do, then you are probably just as selfish that the thought of me on Mother’s Day did not even cross your mind!  That’s what breaks my heart, Jeremy.

How about Sarah’s mom?  Yep, but I am thinking “the greatest mom in the world” Cathy Crist (Sarah’s mom), probably got all sorts of attention.  How hypocritical.  The thought of it makes me ill.  It’s just completely hypocritical of both you and Sarah!!

I missed you today Jeremy.

I am thinking very seriously about billboards……yep.

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