Funny Thought Today….

laffI just thought of something that I thought I’d run by you.  But first, let me say this started when I asked my co-worker why she was giving up gambling and meat on Friday’s until Easter.  Her answers were vague in the beginning but when I asked her what she received in return her answer was along the lines of personal satisfaction.  I asked her if she was suppose to “suffer” for this length of time and she quickly confirmed this.

Now, I know I should not touch this with a 10 foot pole since it’s a religious ritual/traditional type thing, for I truly do believe that every individual has a right to their own religious beliefs and practices, whether I agree or even if I completely disagree, which includes Jeremy & Scientology.

I realize I’m a bit sidetracked here, but for a second I want to share an observation that the most ridiculous rituals on this planet come from a religious angle.  It’s amazing to me to that most of these rituals and practices are not thought of as silly and are (mostly) widely acceptable behavior – almost like they are practiced without the person really thinking it any further than “well, it’s my religion”.   I do not believe there’s a single religion out there that can point fingers at another one and make fun of it because they will most certainly have three fingers pointing back at themselves!

Gosh, forgive me, I didn’t mean to pound this, but just because I think other’s have their rights to practice any religion they want doesn’t mean I agree with it.  And it certainly doesn’t mean that I don’t think certain religions are destructive or just plain ridiculous.  I most certainly do.   I suppose the biggest reason I originally looked into Scientology was because of my own personal belief that too much of religion (and certainly including Christianity) was ridiculous.

I laugh when I think back to that day when my kids asked me what Christians believed – as I was telling them I started sounding like I was making up a Sci-Fi story and I certainly don’t think I could have passed it off to them without laughing.  As a matter of fact, I ended up laughing so hard I never finished telling them.  A side note here, that particular religion probably contains a lot of fantastic metaphors that are very true, but man, when you go telling the story as it is in the bible you sound like you flipped.

I love all my co-inhabitants on planet Earth.  I do not want to offend any of my friends who are highly religious or Christian, because you have every right to your own beliefs and practices and my opinion is simply my opinion and doesn’t mean anything to anyone except to me.  I’m absolutely not condemning you or looking “down” on you.  In fact, most the time I just let it be and don’t have any particular thoughts about religious rituals on this planet.

Good grief, I can probably count on my fingers how many times I will go to a subject like this!  My bad.

Back on track now and to get to my point.  My co-worker believing she has to  “suffer” with nothing in exchange (except perhaps a golden ticket after death) I started thinking about the suffering I usually do every January – March with dieting!  Man, you talk about suffering but I usually get a little something in exchange even if it’s just a better fit in my britches – but like usual – my life style slowly goes back to the way it was during the holidays and by the next year I need the “suffering” again.  LOL and the last two years I have not been able to get below a certain level of “being fat”!!  Grrrr.

My thoughts continued on this and I wondered if I was just not adequately motivated to lose weight and keep it off.  See, I’ve had attention on my pudginess (and a few years back seriously overweight) all my life.  I’m sure I have been on one diet or another for at least 38 of my 50 years, and I’m sure of that.  I should be in top notch shape with all that attention on being slim & healthy for so many years, no doubt!  But that is not the case.

A couple of years ago, I think it was January of 2011 I had reached an all-time high of “fatness” and was super motivated when I saw a photo of me and literally DID NOT recognize myself.  I suffered for about 4 months and dropped 40 pounds.  I suppose it was that picture that motivated me, but here I sit today having gained about 10 of those pounds back, and probably would have gained more if I had not had my yearly diet in 2012 also.  Can you say UGH??

Motivation must be the key for me.  I sometimes wonder if I was offered $5 million to lose 75 lbs, would I do it.  I seriously believe I would, however there would need to be a clause that said I had to keep it within 15 lbs for five years……or I would not get the money!  Yep, I’m money motivated just like someone else I know 😉

Since that is not highly likely to happen, my thoughts went to what else could motivate me enough to lose that imagesCA15P64Zsame 75 lbs.

I realized that I would do it if Jeremy would come back into my life.   Jeremy I miss you so much.  Please contact me and let me know you’re fine.

Love Forever,
Your Mother,


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