I Am a Safe-Point of Contact

Safepoint_Square_Logo_300dpi_croppedI just received a voice mail from someone who has read my blog and wants me to call them.  That is awesome and I tried to call you back and will have to try again tomorrow during business hours.

This started me thinking and I realized there could be others out there who are reading my blog and would like to talk to me.  It could even be some of you who are still a part of Scientology.

With that in mind, I want everyone to know that I am a complete safe-point to contact.

I would NEVER reveal your identity to anyone outside of my husband — NOBODY.  My phones are not tapped and I am not being followed or monitored by OSA (that is Scientology’s “secret service agents”).   If you contact me, for whatever reason (save harassment), you can rest assured you will never be revealed!

I know when I first started looking and reading things, I really wanted to talk to some of them and felt too scared to try.  I was “sure” I would be found out….which was probably a silly thought anyway….

Jim and I have already been contacted by a few folks who are still connected and we do not share that information.

I do not try to get someone to change their thoughts about it nor force my beliefs.  I’ll answer questions and I’ll listen.  You are a free being and as such you are free to believe in anything you want and you are free to practice any religious rituals you see fit.  I believe that is a God-given right that nobody has the right to dictate.

Every human being on this planet is on their own pathway to their truths and I respect that.

You are not alone, there are literally THOUSANDS of others, just like you, who are waking up and realizing something is very wrong inside the CoS and they are realizing that the SP declares are only being done to keep the insiders from finding out.

If you need to talk or just ask questions,

feel free to contact me by email or phone anytime.

My email is in the upper right hand corner.

My private phone is 314 – 558 – 2308 (text or call)

All My Best,




One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Spectator on July 4, 2014 at 2:29 pm

    So happy the Jeremy is reunited with you! Congratulations!!


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