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Jeremy Powers Listen to What LRH Says…

Albert Einstein:

“If people are good
only because they fear punishment,
and hope for reward,
then we are a sorry lot indeed”.

Jeremy, I miss you and I will always love you.  You cannot imagine how badly I miss your smile and laugh.  There will never be anyone who will love you more than your parents.  I will love you forever.  Please never feel afraid to come to me.

Please, please don’t let FEAR rule your life.  For example, fear of what Scientology will do to you if…, fear of what Sarah would do if …., fear of anything!  In LRH’s “Personal Integrity” he tells you to have enough personal integrity to observe for yourself and have enough personal integrity to say what you observed.  Read it carefully again, Jeremy.

Do you really think LRH intended that Scientology be ran with “FEAR” tactics?  How can anyone truly be free if they are fenced in with fear of what would happen if they acted on their own volition and self-determinism?   How can you truly believe it’s your personal decision to cut your family out of your life?  Wouldn’t you consider it more of a personal decision to stay in touch with your family and then only if we became a source of suppression to you, then, and only then, you could decide for yourself to stay away from us? As it is, you are being kept under control with the corporate fear tactics.  You’re afraid that you will be labelled and that Sarah would disconnect from you.

I stumbled on this L. Ron Hubbard lecture that I’m sure you would be most interested in hearing!   It starts out slowly with the sounds of thunderstorms but hang in there and listen to it.

My Jeremy, you really can’t dispute what he says here,
after all this is your religious leader stating it in his own voice.
I’m absolutely sure you will never have access to this from your local organization.
Be sure to listen carefully at about 26:35 minutes into the lecture.

Click Here to HEAR LRH tell you he cancelled disconnection.  Ron’s Journal 68

Ron’s Journal 68

(27:35 minutes) LRH : “Disconnection is canceled as a relief for those suffering family oppression and is no longer required in SP orders and the person has to handle.  The fairgame law was cancelled”

(39:57 minutes) LRH:  ”Actually I am not mad at anybody.  It sort of goes against the grain to have to engage in some sort of warfare in which I have no personal interest.  I finally have figured it out that all of these cases, these psychiatric cases and so forth that kept coming our way that all were butchered up, it would be a jolly good thing if we put an end to that type of activity, because it would make our work enormously easier.  But I am not mad at anybody, now we have an Ethics system and actually I am not very happy with pushing my friends around.  There are too many bad hats in the world!  And forgive me, forgive me if anyone was pushed around too hard or has had his own rights violated.  The real thing we have to guard against is becoming, ourselves, intolerant to others’ freedom to believe.  We do have a parallel in the early Christians.  And the early Christians had a difficult time because they spoke of Human Rights, Love and Spiritual Freedom just as we do…..”

(43:13 minutes) LRH: “ Just because is happening to us is no reason we should to do it to others, ever”

Perhaps you’d like to cut to the chase and just listen the portion that I find most interesting.  It begins at 26:35 minutes into the lecture.  Skip ahead, or listen to the excerpted portion here:


Love You Always,
Your Mother,

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