Happy Thanksgiving – my Jeremy Powers

Jeremy, I’ve had a lot of attention on you lately.

I have dreams nearly every night that you’ve come back in my life.  In my dreams I just hug you and cry and I’m so happy…..and I wake up.

With Gyndee moving I can only hope that you do not lose the final thread to knowing where I am.  I’m sure you don’t have any of my phone numbers.  Your Granny Alta has my number, I would hope you’d think of that.

I hope you have a nice Thanksgiving Day.  As you must know, I will miss you being part of our family for this holiday.

It’s been THREE YEARS in a row now.  It has not felt like Thanksgiving for me me since our family has been so broken up.  It seems like you’re dead, but you’re not.

Please come back to your family.  We will always love you and ensure you are safe and help you do well in life.  It doesn’t matter what condition you’re in, we are willing to help you.

My phone number:


I love & Miss you my Jeremy.
Love Always,

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