Your Last Chance

Today my heart is ripping apart because I’ve now done every possible thing to get a message to you regarding your dad’s medical condition.  The news is not good and I can’t fathom you’re really so selfish that you are not going to spend his last weeks with him.  What in the world could truly be more important?

I’m mad, I’m sad, I’m shocked.

I wonder if you’re actually getting the messages that me and all my friends have been sending to you for you to go see him now before it’s too late.  Then I realize you have to be getting the messages and this makes it even worse.

Well, I’m sorry to have to give you this update, but I think you waited too long.  He is getting worse by the day and at the end of today he barely had enough energy to tell Heather he loved her too when we left.  He mostly just stares in space.

His mind seems mostly there, but he is slow to respond (if he does) and he is a bit delayed.

What is there to say, Jeremy?  What else can I say that I haven’t already said?

For what its worth, here are a couple pictures of him.  This is what he is doing when he isn’t staring at nothing.  Brain cancer really sucks.  I hope you snap out of it and realize he is the only dad you’ll ever have and when he’s gone you’ll miss him some day and you’ll regret your decisions today.

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  1. UPDATE: Thank god you finally got the message and arrived.


  2. Posted by Shashi on July 19, 2012 at 7:46 pm

    Hi…I don’t know you and have never been a scientologist but just happened upon your sad and courageous blog. I hope Jeremy sees his father before its too late and your life continues being a happy one as it now seems to be.


    • Shashi thank you for reading my blog. It helps me more than you know when people let me know I’m being heard. Jeremy did finally see his dad very briefly and the night his dad died he saw him for about 3 minutes! Scientology is a sick cult and the mind control is amazing.


  3. […] communication lines.  For instance, before Jeremy’s dad died last September and I was trying so hard to get the message to him that his dad was dying and had very little time left I asked my cousin Jodie to  send him a FB message letting him know how serious it really was. […]


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