Happy Easter Jeremy Powers

Happy Easter Jeremy!!  I know this is Monday following but wow, what a busy weekend.





Brittany with baby Blaine in her belly!

It started out Saturday with Brittany’s baby shower.  She is due to deliver your second nephew in May!!  Yep, that’s right second-time “Uncle Jeremy”!  Travis & Brittany have have already picked out his name – Blaine – nice name huh, sounds so masculine.   Here’s a picture of your sister-in-law, Brittany, carrying your nephew – she’s a pretty expecting mamma, you think?  We didn’t make it to the baby shower since it’s so far away, but I’m hoping for pictures and I will be able to go next month to meet my new grandson.  This whole thing brings back memories of me helping with the delivery of my first grandson (the one and only, Ashton!) and how incredible that was.  Newborns are completely awe inspiring and precious.  Hope these new additions to our family get to grow up knowing their Uncle Jeremy…..I’m so sure you would love Ashton!  I’ll have to take a day and write to you about him.  Amazingly intelligent young man (going on 8 years old) who will grow up to be a paleontologist, and you can pretty much count on that one.


Dean Thompson, Investigator

Next came a very late night Saturday night with a paranormal investigation in Alton with our new friends, Dean and Susan Thompson.  We investigated the Mineral Springs Hotel and had a couple of very interesting things happen with one of them seeming to be an intelligent conversation with someone for a few minutes.There was a location in the very basement of this hotel, and believe it or not we had to go down FOUR flights of stairs (narrow, dank and creepy I might add) to get to the basement area.  OMG, it was was cold, stinky and creepy down that far!  I kept looking around hoping there was no earthquake!!!



Fun, fun, fun and intriguing.  This is surely something I’ve had a lot of interest in for several years and I’m happy to have new friends with similar interests to share with me.  Get this, even Heather has been going and she has concluded it is not near as “creepy” and scary as it sounds or as it was the first time.  Whew, this was a late night though!!  Started out with dinner at a local Alton pizza place and ended with a swing through the drive-thru at McDonalds at 2am.  Ugh!!!  Just as a side note, McDonald’s food is GROSS!

Jim talking to the owner of Milton School, Meredith

The weekend before this we went back to Milton School.  It wasn’t near as active as it was last October when Heather and I went, but there were a couple of moments when we felt we had something happening.  Ugh though, these things are done so late at night that it drains me for the next day something horrible and you know, I’m sure that ghosts are available for good conversation during the day too! LOL, just sayin’.


The "new" Jim - with HAIR!!

So Easter morning was tricky for all three of us.  Heather had to work and be there by 10am so she had it the toughest for sure.  Jim and I were able to sleep until 10am – then get around to leave.  We went to Glendia’s for Easter dinner and it was really nice.  Her new place is nice and I included a video tour for you.  It’s pretty corny, but I thought you’d enjoy it….LOL.  Someone decided Jim needed hair and these photos are hilarious!  We had a ton of food, candy & laughs.  Always a good time, but this time was most relaxing and spacious.  Glendia’s place has a big creek running through the back half and everyone walked down to it and splashed around.

Family Headed Down to Creek

Tour of Glendia’s new Place

Jim and I getting around for work!

A nice weekend and active.  All this along with Jim installing a new kitchen faucet and getting all the yard grooming done.  The yard is so pretty in the spring!!



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