Keep Your Personal Integrity, Jeremy Powers

Hello my Jeremy.  I wish I didn’t miss you as much as I do.  I so badly miss being part of your life!  My idea of family was to continue on to your adulthood and into the grandchildren.  We have a nice home with plenty of room for family fun – and we miss you.

I was reading something the other day that I couldn’t resist sharing with you.  I know I said I was done “beating the drum”.

What can I say? The words I read were SO PROFOUND that I had to share with you. I’m going to take most of the words that were written by somebody else and utilize them here, and I’ll give credit to the actual author at the end.

Jeremy, I have to consider that you have intelligence, and with that said, this is for your logical side.  I promise if Sarah Coziahr saw this, she would see the logic.  Please follow me here, because in the end if it doesn’t make sense to you, then just stay disconnected from me, after all, I am suppressive to you, right?

Scientology is a subject that teaches about personal freedom, and helps you to attain personal freedom.  According to LRH, anti-social personalities are threatened by this, and suppress others’ freedom to discover truth for their selves.


Per what you believe to be true in Scientology…..this was written by L. Ron Hubbard:

“What is true for you is what you have observed yourself. And when you lose that, you have lost everything.

What is personal integrity? Personal integrity is knowing what you know. What you know is what you know and to have the courage to know and say what you have observed. And that is integrity and there is no other integrity.

Of course, we can talk about honor, truth, nobility—all these things as esoteric terms. But I think they would all be covered very well if what we really observed was what we observed, that we took care to observe what we were observing, that we always observed to observe.”

L Ron Hubbard
From the essay “Personal Integrity”


The freedom to observe is part of being a free person, right?

Free people come to their own conclusions by freely making their own observations and investigations, right?

A free person also keeps their own counsel, and selects their own decisions, right?

You’re certainly intelligent enough to reach your own conclusions about facts you freely investigate.

If you’re commanded to NOT investigate, is that freedom?

Why would someone bar you with fear of excommunication for the crime of simply observing?

There can be only two reasons:

  • A) The internet is so dark and evil that your whole being will be swallowed up forever in a paralysis of eternal damnation, if you so much as dare to look.
  • B) Someone is trying to hide something from you about them.

Relax for a moment and ask yourself, which of these answers seems more reasonable, A or B?

I think that educated Scientologists are smart enough and observant enough to differentiate between harmful third party and reports from honest individuals who are simply revealing what they themselves have experienced and observed.

In that spirit, I’d like to say that it’s possible that you may not have granted yourself the right to freely observe and investigate the many hundreds of honest reports about the true scene in the church.

Jeremy, a year and a half ago I simply chose to put on my personal integrity hat, and do my own free investigation of these reports.

What I can tell you is that there are more of them than you might imagine. Secondly, the character and worthiness of the individuals making these reports is of the highest order.  Many, if not most of these individuals, are highly trained and processed, and most have long careers of service on staff in the Sea Org and Class V orgs.  In fact, you could easily know many of these people personally.
The church would have you believe they are raving SP’s or people who were tricked into turning sides!  Does that make sense?  Most of these people are highly trained (many VERY highly trained in LRH tech) and they certainly would know if they were becoming the effect of suppression and in danger of turning into an SP.  It’s worse, their training didn’t work!!  NOT.  It’s a bit funny to see how Debbie Cook was so highly respected and loved by everyone in Scientology, until it was reported she is now an SP.  Suddenly, and without question, people believe she is an SP.  There are a lot of people who are walking away Jeremy – simply because reform cannot happen on the inside when ONE MAN IS RUNNING THE WHOLE SHOW.

Jeremy, I simply put on my “Hat of a Scientologist” and applied all I had learned from L. Ron Hubbard with “study technology” “personal integrity”, “Data Evaluation”, following the Code of Honor and many other things I’d learned over the past 20+ years and evaluated for myself.  After months of personal investigation, and comparing the reports of other Scientologists to my own observations of ‘things that shouldn’t be’ within the church, I applied the Doubt formula to the situation.

I concluded that there are absolutely certain suppressive individuals within the church that have done great harm to the religion and the third dynamic over the last thirty years.

My Jeremy, sweetheart, I did not turn into a “suppressive person”, I simply chose to remain in the group who are loyal to LRH and to the Standard Tech of Dianetics and Scientology!  And for the reason quoted at the start,  (Someone is trying to hide something from you about them), I was declared a suppressive person – not because it is LRH policy –

I have found and listened to LRH, in his own voice,
saying why he cancelled the disconnection policy
and apologized for the families that had been harmed
and for the human rights abuses that were done in the name of Scientology!
It was a lecture called,
“Ron’s Journal 68”
and you will not ever hear that lecture inside the church
– I promise you.  
Why?  Because it’s old?
Why Jeremey?  
Ask to hear it.
Interpret it for yourself –
stop letting Matt Hanses tell you what he thinks! 

Jeremy, we love & miss you very much.  We’d like to be part of yours and Sarah’s lives.  I just want the both of you to grant yourself the freedom to make your own observations, and draw your own conclusions about the current state of the church and after you have ALL the facts, stand up for LRH and standard tech and be part of those who don’t want Scientology to waste away – if you indeed still support it.

The facts are that it is shrinking faster than the PR on the inside can say it’s expanding….the first thing all Scientologists need to do is stop listening and start looking (lol, another thing LRH said).  However, you are only told what is happening, you are not looking for yourself.

Just know that LRH canceled the policy of disconnection in 1968 and never re-instated it – and Mr. Young testified in court that he (Mr. Young) had written the policy for Miscavige, reinstating it. No one has the right to force you to disconnect from anyone. Only you have that right.


For an in depth study of the subject and how it came to be “re-instated” you should go here and plan to spend a day:


IN ACTUAL FACT, the church even announced publicly that there is NO SUCH THING as disconnection being pushed on people.  Jeremy read this:

(As promised, I borrowed a lot of wording and concepts from Ronnie Bell, from Texas, who has just announced he has left the church for the same reasons.  His write up was phenomenal)!

Love Always,
Your Mom,

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