Mardi Gras in St. Louis

My Jeremy – do I even need to say I miss you?  I’m sure you must know.  Some days are great and some are not….. I’m doing my absolute best to just stay happy and not think about you in a sad way.  I was so hoping you would secretly call me.  Ugh don’t even let me go to this subject.  Who would ever believe that in the 21st century a religion would rip families apart and demand that you act as if your family is dead?  Enough of that, sorry…..this post is for fun news!!

I wanted to share our Mardi Gras with you.  I had never been to the St. Louis, Soulard Mardi Gras (party) parade and this year Jim and I decided we would go with Jayson & Christine.  It was really tough making the decision to go, lol, because I had to get up at 6am on a Saturday morning in order to be in our private spot before the streets were shut down, not to mention it was a very chilly start!  Turns out it was a bit adventurous but it turned out really awesome and the array of food Christine cooked up was yummy, fattening and hit the spot – hey, we even had our own private bathrooms (job Johnnie) LOL…..Christine really knows how to put on a great party, for sure.

For me it was neat seeing that most the people who were invited to our “private” party were close to our age.   I met a lot of new people and I can’t begin to tell you how cool it is creating a brand new life – all new friends!  Jim and I have discovered really wonderful people and I’m so happy to report that their friendship is not contingent upon us agreeing with their church or not.  I’m totally serious, Jeremy, most people do not look down at others if they don’t believe as they do.

Yep, we started drinking around 10am and since I had not drank much alcohol in the last few years, it wasn’t long for me to feel a happy-go-lucky buzz.  I never did get “drunk”, but just a buzz and had a great time.  Jim drank a beer and a half and became the designated driver!

I had a spot right by the street where the parade went by and Jim was there catching beads for me and this was a good thing, because I’m pretty sure I would not have caught but two the whole time!!  There was a guy next to me that jumped out and caught every single one that they were throwing directly to me.  God I wasn’t happy with him!

We ended up getting a ton of beads and felt rewarded for our efforts for getting out of bed so early on Saturday!!   I really had a great time.

The parade was over 2 hours long!  Holy crap, I have never ever been to a parade that was that long!  Amazing for sure.

I do believe we will go again next year.  Maybe things will be different by then and you and Sarah could go with us!  Heck, let’s just make it a party and have Heather, Travis and Brittany too!

I hope you ended up having an awesome birthday this year.  I haven’t heard a single thank you…..but I suppose you were thankful.  🙂  I know it’s Sarah’s bday tomorrow – so Happy Birthday to Sarah too.

Love you Dearly, and miss you just as much.

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