Your Sister was in an Accident

On Monday your sister was involved in a car accident that totaled 2 cars and damaged a third – ugh, hers was one of the two totaled.  Seems all the airbags went off on the two cars!  Just in case you didn’t know, her car only has two, but the other car had about four!!

Don’t worry too much though, she will be okay.  She was badly shaken up and we are grateful she wasn’t seriously injured and is just very sore with lots of seat belt bruising and scratches.  Bless her heart, she keeps finding new places that hurt and for some reason she’s hurting more and more each day.  Yesterday she wasn’t able to raise her head up.

God, believe it or not, that car had brand new (like a month or so) tires, new rotors and brakes, a new battery and … lol … new windshield wipers!!!  Bad timing!  It’s caused a lot of trouble since we are now dealing with just one car and the insurance hasn’t paid on it yet.  Really a bummer having to wait.

We rented a Dodge Avenger for the week.  It’s a pretty cool car, but I like our Hyundai Santa Fe better!

I try hard not to think about how it would be if something truly serious happened and you were not allowed to speak to us.  I try not to think about how the Scientology organization wouldn’t allow you to even attend one of our funerals if we died!!!  You’d be “in trouble” and Sarah would leave you.  I try to hard to see how that truly makes sense.

Anyway, here are pics of her car.  Click on them and they will get larger.  We all love you, Jeremy – Love, Mom

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