Holiday Season Is Here-Thinking of You

Jeremy I hope you’re reading this blog.  I hope somehow you’ve found it to keep in touch.  But, in that case, I’m sorry I was so upset on my last posting.  Seriously, some days I just lose it!  Losing my son because the Church of Scientology requires that you never acknowledge my existence again is such an unbelievable experience for me it bewilders my imagination!  So, I’m sorry for the times I blow up on this blog.  This seems to be where I can freely vent and that is what it’s for, partially.

We are especially missing  you this year, since we haven’t had any contact with you in over a year.  Your stocking is hung on the mantel.  I think Heather would give up all her xmas gifts just to spend it with you.  I’m sure she would.  She said once that she would just hide in a closet and not say a word, just to see your face again.  Sure wish we had some recent pictures.

2009 – Christmas past…..last one I spent with you…..I remember we had a lonely Christmas that year because Heather was gone to the Sea Org at that time, trying get away from there.  They wouldn’t let her leave.  We missed her so much, remember?  We did a really funny video for her!!  I’m forever thankful she made it out of there.


2008 – Christmas past… of our happiest because we were ALL together.  OMG, this is the year you were sitting on the couch with the pillow in your lap and Heather reached over and yanked the pillow off your lap as your hand came down fast and hard to advert her stealing your pillow – only to make hideous contact with your family jewels!  I swear, we laughed so hard we literally cried!!  Oh, not you, it hurt and we were not laughing because you were hurt, we were laughing because it completely looked like you just smacked yourself on purpose without anything to do with the pillow being taken.  Oh Jeremy, we still laugh about that one.  See that pillow on Heather’s lap…..bringing back memories?  We all laughed, but on the other side of the coin, I am sorry it hurt you.











We’ve been having fun.  I’ve been keeping the social calendar full of family fun things.  Last weekend we made a family trip out to Defiance to see the Daniel Boone home and village.  We did the candlelight tour at night and it was quite an experience.  It was chilly but there were bonfires, hot chocolate and holiday smells in the air.  It was a village set in the 1800’s and at each location we stopped, there were actors playing a part and acting out some scene from that time period.  We were “onlookers” who were supposed to be from the future, so we were not acknowledged.  Very cool.  My favorite part was the beautiful chapel.  It was so pretty and they had a choir singing – the acoustics in the building were amazing.  It felt like it was surround sound and I kept looking over my shoulder to see if someone was singing along.  At the end there was a gift shop.  I bought you something really cool!

We finally went to Brussels Illinois and ate.  Such a fun place where it’s quite different than most restaurants.  This one is a very old hotel and they serve your meal to you, like going home for momma’s fried chicken!  You sit down to a relish tray of pickled beets, corn relish, veggies, marmelaid, candied apple rings and a bowl of coleslaw.  They bring you out a plate of scrumptious sausages, a bowl of soup and hot dinner rolls.  Once you’re ready, the main course comes out, consisting of a plate of home fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, corn and even a bowl of chicken n dumplings!  You talk about a load of food, set back in the olden days feel.

Twilight, Breaking Dawn – wow.  We went to see Breaking Dawn and we loved it.  An amazing love story and I’m dying to see the next one.  LOL, I didn’t read the books but I’m sure I’ll read them after the final movie.  I was wondering if you and Sarah watched it.  I’m so hooked on it….if you saw it, did you see Bella’s engagement ring?  OMG, that ring, I loved it.  I’m a complete mess over it, I actually went out and found a boxed set of the ring replicated.  (rolling my eyes at myself!).  And the soundtrack is completely what I want.  There are some really great songs on it, like “A Thousand Years”….. great song!

My birthday is coming up next week, Thursday.  It’s one of the exciting ones for me….oh yes it is.  This year I’m getting another karaoke machine, and a nice one at that, since it was a combined present.  See, I know what it is because I picked it out.  I see it sitting in the box in the front room, but I can’t touch it until my birthday…..(breathe Meshell, breathe!).  Just think, if you were here, we could sing together.  Remember that one song you sang and put on YouTube?  Didn’t you make it up?  It was so cool, you did such a good job!  So, we’re going out to eat then home for the concert.  LMAO.  Oh, did I tell you it came with FOUR SETS of earplugs?  Yep.  Heather is working so it will be nanny, Jim and I and we’ll buy you dinner if you want to come along.  I didn’t hear a word from you last year.

We are having Christmas at Jim’s moms on the 17th.  They miss you a lot and none of this makes sense to them.  It’d be awesome if you wanted to come along, as you know there is always a lot of yummy food and fun!  Never a dull moment over there and you’re loved, wanted and missed.

Travis, Brittany and Ashton are coming for Christmas!  Bless their hearts, this will really help around here.  Heather is working most of the holiday, I guess it will make it better for her, I don’t know.  Anyway, we have beautiful fun plans for Christmas and you NEVER need an invitation to home.  Never.  We have tons of good food planned and you are very very loved.  Since you may not know the address, just call me….. 314-558-2308.


Wow, it’s been a really long time since you’ve seen your blood nephew, Ashton.  He is completely adorable.  One very cool being!  Just look at this smile…. You are his Uncle Jeremy.  I sincerely hope he will grow up knowing you.


Jeremy – you need to know that we all love you very much.  

I will always love you –

even when I’m so mad I yell at you

(on my blog, lol).

Even your old favorite kitty misses you.  He has become somewhat of a glowing eyed mess.  Actually, we think he has been revealing his alien heritage, what do you think?  Like, can you spot the cat here?


After Christmas, New Years Eve, we are headed over to Jim’s dad’s.  It’s his 82nd birthday (we think).  Remember how we used to play cards – so much fun.  Again, you don’t need an invitation to come.

I’m sitting here looking at this wondering if it’s even possible that I will be writing to you about Christmas 10 years from now too.  I wonder.  I need a crystal ball!

Poem for my children.  Travis, Heather and you, Jeremy –



The Best Way to Make It Through … Is to Listen to Your Heart 

In life, we have to 
make decisions
that aren’t easy.
We’re afraid that
whatever choice we make
will upset someone we love.
It is at these times
that we need to look inside
and listen to
the voice that’s inside us.
If we listen just to
the wishes of those around us
and ignore our own feelings,
we will not be truly happy.
Listen to what you know
is right
and stand on that,
because when you do,
you will be happy.

-Bethanie Jean Brevik



I love my children.  All of you.  I’m proud of you and I’m so happy to be sharing our lives together.  Jeremy is just “away” for the time being……. we all love you, Jeremy.


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