Even the Suicides are not Questioned Within…

Even the suicides are not questioned within – so why would off-policy and unjust disconnection orders be questioned or challenged?  The answer to this will blow your mind.

Woke up with this burning question in my mind …. What church would REQUIRE the ENTIRE congregation (including immediate family) stop associating with you just because you were slightly publicly critical of that church?  This question just won’t go away.  I even posted it on Facebook as a survey question.

I’m asking for your help.
Please spread this request to everyone you know!

The Scientology “forced” disconnections are destroying and harming good people.  My family feels the pain of this disconnection is only getting worse as time goes by, not easier!  This month marks a year.  I have new found precious friends who are just trying to hold themselves together as well.  This needs to be properly exposed and stopped!

I am determined to solve this inhumane bullshit that is affecting so many good
people across this planet!
And to think that it’s being done by an organization that claims to be the only
hope for mankind and further claims to be the sanest organization
 the planet.


Today, as I think of my 20 year old son, Jeremy, I try to imagine how he must feel about his “forced disconnection”.  – -The “church” of Scientology tells him “no service from us if you have any association whatsoever with your mom, sister or step-dad”,

-his girlfriend of a year says “we can’t have a relationship anymore if you have any association whatsoever with your mom, sister or step-dad”,

-his employer says “you cannot be employed in my company if you have any association whatsoever with your mom, sister or step-dad” — get this — all because my husband was publicly critical of Scientology!  Are you freaking kidding me!?   Course, I am now publicly very critical as well, but originally we were all labeled “devil spawn” because my husband was publicly critical of that “church”!

ALL insiders, including my son’s girlfriend and his boss – believe that Scientology contains all the answers to life and is 100% correct.  They are not allowed to openly doubt – even if things don’t add up!  They buy excuses that make no sense if you looked at it with a critical eye.

I have some examples.

I had good friends whose son got into drugs and alcohol.  As they were trying hard to keep him from a path of destruction, they took out huge loans and sent him (against his will) to a Scientology children’s rehabilitation ranch a few states away.  This facility was owned and operated by some top level Scientologists (OTs), yet they completely failed to help their son.  It not only failed to help him, he felt it harmed him.  He reported some pretty gross instances of degradation, humiliation and abuse going on there.  These are things that are quite the opposite of what Scientology is supposed to be about.  I remember at the time thinking he must be lying about it, however the abuse has been reported by several others who went through it as well.  The internet is a brand new way of reporting!  I’m now sure it happened to him, because his stories were the same as theirs.  Needless to say, he came back home and went back into his chemical oblivion for years – finally resorting to extreme amounts of alcohol.  It finally culminated with him seriously trying to commit suicide.  In fact, I’m quite surprised that he failed as his method was almost fail proof!  Did his parents see the clue here?  Hell, did I? Nope.  We made excuses to make ourselves right in judgment.

Insiders believe that “bad” situations are isolated. 

That’s what they have to believe or all their “truths” start to crumble. 

It’s not easy confronting the facts of this organization. 

These incidents are NOT isolated, by far. 

They are pervasive!

I personally knew another person who basically committed suicide with a drug over-dose.  This boy (less than 20 yrs old) was the son of long standing veteran Scientologists who were applying the techniques of Scientology to his life and had been since he was a toddler.  He even went to Scientology based schools!  When he finally went so far south with drug abuse, they sent him to a Scientology based drug rehab program – NARCONON – not once, not twice, but THREE times.  Wasn’t that their first clue that something wasn’t as they were to believe?  It sure caused me to doubt! Duh! Do you know how much that program costs? I’m sure they were given real solid good excuses as to why the program was a 3 time failure for their son.  Like, it was “his” fault.  He is responsible for the condition he is in, one cannot be helped if they keep doing bad things….on and on.  Never once did they look at their belief that the “tech” works 100% of the time, except… except… except… when it doesn’t!

What am I getting at here?  Well, get this.

Last year I found out the person who recruited me to staff way back in the 90’s, committed suicide.  You know, she was a 3rd generation Scientologist who had been on staff since the age of 13 and was working in St. Louis since 1991.  She had two beautiful young children and a 2nd generation Scientologist husband.  This girl was a “clear” who was trained to the top end of Scientology administrative technology, called OEC/FEBC.

She hung herself – of all things!  That is a brutal suicide!  This is no rumor, as it was told by her mother.

There is no obituary to be found.
There are no answers as to why. Strange!

Even stranger, her mom insinuated that her suicide was as a result of her “looking at things on the internet about Scientology”.  Her mom even said that’s why she never looks at anything critical to Scientology in email or internet.

When I told an “OT” who is still “in” about it (and about how there are so many others who are at the highest point of Scientology (OT’s) and killing themselves), he said “well, for them it’s not really suicide, it’s just a re-set”.  His viewpoint was that since we don’t really die anyway that these suicides are just a reset to start in a new body! He saw nothing wrong with his thinking this way!

You know, thinking back to this type of mindset of the followers …

Imagine the current leader, David Miscavige, holding a special event and telling everyone that L. Ron Hubbard has returned and has proven it is him.  Then let that so-called reincarnated L. Ron Hubbard speak to the crowd telling them there is no time left and that it is critical for all Scientologists to head to “target 2” and to drop the current body and go with him – I’m completely sure that 80% of them would take their own lives (reset)!  And for sure, those who disagreed with such an act would be considered unethical and off “purpose”.  I’m absolutely sure about this.  Can you say…. “Jim Jones”!  And, for anyone not familiar with Jim Jones, just google it.

So how does all this relate to the “disconnection” thing?

For one thing, the reason so many insiders get so reasonable about “out-points” is because
they believe that Scientology is the only answer to all of mankind’s problems. They believe it’s the only salvation man has and if it doesn’t “win the war” man will disappear back into the dark ages or worse.
They believe that they have all lived eons and eons and in all of eternity they have been slaves to amnesia
and that Scientology alone contains all the answers and the key to the trap.
Sum it up, they believe that Scientology = their eternity.
End of thought.

So with this mindset, followers make all excuses for short comings and things that don’t make sense or are really wrong!

Because of this, people truly, “on their own determinism” disconnect from their loved ones when Scientology requires they do so.  The threat they deal with for not disconnecting with those loved ones is basically “eternity in hell” because they will no longer be allowed to be part of Scientology and thereby will never be “spiritually free”.   The Scientology e-meter can work like a “lie detector” so they can’t keep secret association either.

(Last laugh, 98% do not know there are extremely highly trained (Flag trained and interned)
Scientologists in the field and everything they get on the inside can be achieved on the outside of the organization)!

“Disconnect, or your future is at stake”.  Previous to Miscavige, disconnection was practiced very differently.  Such as in some instances it could be necessary to disconnect from someone who is invalidating to you or suppressive to you as you might not achieve benefit from it if you’re connected to a source of personal suppression.  You know, like an abusive relationship of some sort.  Disconnection (if you can’t handle the suppressive person) was used as a temporary handling so the person could become stronger and no longer be affected by such suppression.  It was not a permanent handling in most circumstances.  However, since the time that it was taken over by the self-appointed leader, David Miscavige, disconnection has been used to control the followers and to prevent people from discovering things that would surely cause them to disassociate with the church!

In fact, in the “old” days, the only way one could be labeled as “devil spawn” (Suppressive Person/SP) was to actually go through the Scientology justice system wherein there are at least 34 actions or gradient steps that would be taken to correct someone before the person was expelled and labeled as an SP.  The policy that governed it was called “Ethics Gradients”.  Weird how they no longer even bother with that!  And the “insiders” do not even question this “out-point”!!!

Go figure, again I’ll say that insiders believe that the “bad” situations are isolated
or their “truths” start to crumble.  These incidents are NOT isolated, by far.  They are pervasive!

So, today I’m trying to figure out how to solve the issue of “Disconnection Policy”.  There has to be a way to beat this.  There has to be a way to shed enough light on this, make enough noise about it, make so much pressure from victims of this abuse that they find themselves needing to make changes internally and abolish the requirement that followers must disconnect.  I know there is a way.  Let’s put our heads together and come up with the plan and let’s execute it with ease!

I could use your ideas and help.

The Art of War.

One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Michael Vee on October 6, 2011 at 8:04 pm

    Truly sad and horrific, yes This so called ‘Church’ is corrupt and filled with venom for ANYONE who critisises it, these are the tactics of Nazi Germany. Does anyone realise that THIS is why Germany has banned $cientology ? Yes, it was deemed too near to Nazi ideals and philosophy! Look what happened in 1933, Hitler is catapaulted to leadership because thousands of people turned a blind eye to his evil intentions and actions, if good people turn a blind eye what hope do we have ? This Cult is feeling the heat believe me ! But there are still thousands suffering at the hands of this demonic Empire, it is the poor innocent children I worry about, these are the ones who truly suffer. The groups that are helping though – The Termite Foundation; who have ’embedded’ Cult experts within $cientology to bring it down, and Anonymous are helping shed some light on this nefarious Cult. The Cult WILL fall, just a matter of how soon.

    John Saint-Clair.


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