Labor Day Weekend 2011

A note to Jeremy.   


This is Labor Day weekend and we are having a “family weekend”, which is the start of an annual tradition.  By any chance you stumble on this blog – you and Sarah are absolutely invited.  Call me for directions!  314-558-2308.


Today Janet & Glendia are coming down and will spend the night!!  So excited!!  Travis, Brittany and Ashton will arrive this afternoon.  We will have nachos, hang out, play games and have a good time tonight.  Tomorrow we are hitting all the cool thrift stores around the metro area! 


Travis will be staying the whole weekend and we will do some fun stuff.  I think we will head over to Grants Farm or the Science Center on Sunday because I’m thinking Ashton will have a blast there!


Your Grandma’s birthday is Monday and she will be 71 and Heather’s follows on Thursday and she will be 17.  Brittany shares Grandma’s birthdate and then Jim’s is the 14th!  Whew!  Lots of people getting old here, eh?  We are having birthday “Silky’s” on Sunday evening – yum yum!!


Like last September, this one brings again sad news.  Our friend, David McKnight, passed on Aug 31.  It was a shock to me.  Do you remember him?  He was our friend who helped with our questions surrounding Uncle Ron’s murder?  His birthday was on Aug 1 and by Aug 4th he was put in ICU and he never really came back around.  He will be so missed.  He just got sick one day and that was that.  When things like this happen it introverts me and makes me a bit worried.  I pray that nothing like that ever happens in our family, but mostly because I wonder if you’d even know.  I wonder how long it would be before you were told I died!??  Or any one of us!  Makes me cringe. 


I haven’t written for awhile as we have been so busy settling in our new house.  There have been a lot of boxes to unpack (grandma’s boxes-lol).  I have had a lot of really cool things that we took to the Goodwill that you and Sarah would probably have loved, but I had no way of getting them to you. 


You know, there isn’t a single day that goes by that I don’t think about you.  Not one!  In fact, I’d venture to say I think of you many times a day.  You are truly so loved and missed.


I have been sending you postcards telling you that it is now time to go see your dad!!  Please don’t ignore this.  He has asked about you and I don’t want you to regret not doing it.  Please put your pride and any other barriers away and go visit with your dad.  Go spend time with him while you still can!! 


Jeremy, I’m begging you to evaluate this scene.  The decision to stay “disconnected” from him can never be reversed and I’m so afraid you don’t realize how much time you have left to be part of your dad’s life.  He loves you.  He misses you.  We have all made mistakes in our lives.  Look over your life and see if you’ve made mistakes.  Have you ever said or done something you regret?  “To love despite every reason not to, is Greatness” – please apply this.  There is an article you could read, it’s called, “What is Greatness”.  I’m not sure what your reasons are for not staying in touch with him, but I don’t believe it’s the same reasons for disconnecting from the rest of your family.


All you need to know is that he loves you and it’s time for you to go see him.  No phone call, go spend some time with him now!  Please.


Heather and I have been missing you a lot lately.  Heck, even Saber misses you!  It’s hard to believe that next month it will be a year since we’ve seen your smile or heard your laugh!  It’s mind blowing that a child can simply erase his mom, sister and grandma from his life – poof – because someone else tells him he should or else. 


Whatever!  We all know that song, dance and lies.  I’m not going there today.


Just know that we love you very very much and we somewhat understand your decisions.   You are making decisions that you feel are most pro-survival for you.  I’m very happy you are happy in your relationship with Sarah Coziahr.  It’s been over a year now.  Good job, high-five.  I’d love to be sharing in your life and have you all come over for dinner and games with us occasionally!  See, when I made decisions to have babies I was creating MY family.  I was creating MY life as well as yours.  It included when you grew up as well – grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  Who could’ve predicted this?


At this time, Heather really needs you right now.  We would never breathe a word of it if you called her.  She is barely holding on without losing it.  She feels like she is mourning your death………


I would love to hear from you too.  Email me – meshell.little @ g m a i l . c o m   


I promise I won’t breathe a word of it, so you won’t get in trouble from your church – and as for your conscience, just ensure you’re acting “self-determined” and not “other-determined” and you will make the right decision.  If you honestly and truly never want to speak to or see your family again and not because your church or girlfriend dictates this – then you’re making an honest self-determined decision. 


However, why would you make that type of self-determined decision when we were so close and never had a problem?


You are truly loved and missed.  Hope to see you this weekend.

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