Why Did I Do The Interview?

Just a thought here.  Thinking out loud and sharing with whomever wants to follow along with me.  I interviewed for a documentary film yesterday with Mark Bunker.  I realize that the CofS may use my interview as a tool to further alienate my son from me.  I know the things he could be told would shock and amaze him.  Why?  Because he would have to think that I have gone mad or that I really am a suppressive person.  (I can hear it now, “see Jeremy, look what she did”!)  LOL.  I am the very same person I have always been and I certainly wasn’t labeled when I was supporting the organization.

I actually had more than one reason for doing the interview but certainly the biggest was because I feel so firmly that the abusive use of the DISCONNECTION POLICY has to stop.  (Yes Tommy Davis, it DOES exist in the Church of Scientology, just ask any person who has decided to leave the church who has family or friends still “in”!)  The actual forced disconnections are happening entirely to silence and degrade the person who has decided to leave Scientology.  

My then 19-year-old son (a public) was forced by way of threat of loss, to disconnect from me and because he is afraid he’d lose his job, his apartment, his girlfriend and his eternity, he hasn’t spoken to me since October!!  This story has to be told.  People need to know this.  I am NOT going to roll over and go on in life as if this tragedy didn’t happen!  I will fight back any way I know how and believe me, fighting back is exposure.  That is my biggest reason for doing the interview.  I wish I would have said more.

You know, if I had covertly done my resignation I would have been fine.  Get this, one can just walk away covertly pretending you’re still part of it or walk away to never return and just not talk about it – and you’re “fine”.  

I say “fine”, but with exceptions.  If you have family, loved ones or friends still “in” then you will have to put up with being secretly investigated to ensure you keep your silence and never ever breathe a word as to why you just turned your back on something you supported for life!  bizarre?  You bet it is! 

My friend, I call that suppression!  It’s suppression of freedom of speech!

To have a reason big enough to turn your back on a church that you supported and defended for over 20 years and know you can never breathe a word of why you left – or your daughter will have to disconnect from you and your boss will have to let you go from his employment – omg – do you see this as true suppression or am I just nuts!?  Jeremy’s girlfriend’s mom is doing this very thing.  Her daughter doesn’t have to disconnect because she silenced herself.  Her boss doesn’t have to fire her because she will never tell why she just dropped out.  She has no freedom or rights to speak of it.  At all.

Get this, I did NOT publicly leave either.  As you may have read in my open letter (when I did speak out), I privately spoke to the ethics section and let them know what was going on with me, how I felt and that my daughter would not be working there any longer.  I will repeat, I privately spoke to the correct people in the organization regarding this, but was accused of that action being PUBLIC…….go figure.  My story at http://littledoubt.wordpress.com

Misuse of disconnection harms the family unit.  It harms people!!

Do I condemn all disconnection?  Absolutely not!  If “Joe” is associated with someone who is truly suppressing him, making him feel invalidated or belittled and such, then “Joe” should probably get away from such an abusive relationship by disconnecting if necessary.  If the person he is associated with is a family member then “Joe” should attempt every other way of handling it before choosing disconnection.  Now that is SANE behavior.  But for “Joe” to be told he has to disconnect just because some “authority” has “labelled” someone suppressive for leaving the church is INSANE

So I did the interview!  I honestly don’t know what the documentary will cover.  I’m not even sure I will agree with the movie, or not.  But what I’m sure of is what I said and my reasons for not staying silent.

I will interview for anyone on this subject.  I will not be suppressed by the Church of Scientology or manipulated into silence.

6 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Tara on June 17, 2011 at 12:36 pm

    Speaking out about the truth is the ONLY way to go! Very well done my friend. Hugs too. I know this has been more than painful for you and your family. The truth will set your son free one day!


    • Tara I appreciate your love and care! Like I say, some days are better than others, but there isn’t a single day that goes by that I don’t think about Jeremy. We miss and love him very much.

      How are you doing, Tara?


  2. Posted by Bert Schippers on June 17, 2011 at 10:16 pm

    Good for you. Communication is not a crime.


  3. Posted by Ro on July 15, 2011 at 9:00 am

    I happened on his girlfriend’s blog (co-powers blog) yesterday… she’s terribly unattractive… he could do much better.


    • LOL, Ro! Well, for sure Jeremy wanted a nice girl, as the priority. He always wanted a strong relationship with an ethical and true mate. I do hope he’s found it, however it amazes me she is worth the rest of his family.


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