2003 Such a Happy Boy!

When you were 12 you laughed and played almost all the time.  This is the year we put braces on your teeth.  It wasn’t an easy year for our family as we had some major financial troubles during this time.  Your dad wasn’t working and where I had been working at the local “scientology” private school, I had to quit there and get a job for awhile.  I started homeschooling you and Heather.  What a year this was!

You had a very “slim” birthday this year.  We bought you things from the dollar store and made you cake.  The party was just us family because Nanny was working at the “org”.

You seemed happy about your little gifts, I don’t know if you really were, but you sure wouldn’t have let on that you weren’t.  The gifts were tokens of love only.  I’m cracking up right now, because I still have that hair gel that you got.   Do you see that pink bottle of hair gel on the table?

Do you remember much?

When your dads birthday came you had a blast.  I remember how you wanted to surprise him and things had to be just perfect.  It was adorable to watch.  I made a pot of spaghetti and you pulled out the nice china.  You wanted the table to be extra special, so you put a sheet on it for a table cloth and I think you even lit the candles!  Looking at this photo I can tell he got birthday “coupons” and I’m not sure what’s in the recycled gift bags but I’m sure the cards were full of love.

You and Heather, with the help of her friend, made dad his cake.  OMG, you all were so excited about it.

Isn’t the cake adorable.  I know you kids really spent a lot of time getting the decorations just right.

You just couldn’t wait until he got home.  This was such a special moment for you.

We got smokey this year. Nice cat, she loved to play with you.  I swear you could come up with so many ways to play with her.  Gosh, this reminds of me of the cat mansion you made for Saber out of boxes.  LOL, so creative, but you know it took all the tape in the entire house to make it.

Your brother, Travis, got married this year.  Long story there, and I will tell it in another post – because he was married at 15 years old as a direct result in off policy actions being harshly applied to him at the local org.

This is the year you decided you’d like to join the Sea Org in Scientology.  Things were pretty tough on you at home because you and your dad seemed to fight almost all the time so we decided you could join if your testing was good enough.

It seems your testing was good enough and you were whisked away so fast it made our heads spin!!  Since you had just gotten into braces I was worried about how you would continue your treatment and I was assured it would be all taken care of as would your schooling.  Very senior Sea Org members assured me all this would be fine.  I later found out that none of it was done.  Apparently there was not any real supervision or “mother” to ensure it was done.  You ended up staying out there only a couple months and you were sent home.  I know you remember the circumstances of that and I am not going to publicize this event.  But let’s just say you were not welcome to stay out there.

I was sad about the reason you were being sent home, but believe me, I was so happy to have you home again.  Since your dad had been working again, I was home schooling Heather again and we just started you back to home schooling too.  We worked straight through the summer to catch you up.

I took you kids on field trips and one of them was to Grants Farm.  You and Heather got to bottle feed the goats and you guys loved that.  It was hard to pull you away from there so we could see the rest of the place.  Pretty neat place especially getting to see the Anheiser Busch Clydesdales!!  They are huge.

LOL, You had just came back from Flag.  You had lost quite a bit of weight while you were gone.  Look at you with arms all crossed there.

By the time Heather’s birthday rolled around, times were tough again.  Your daddy was between jobs and we had to figure out how to have a birthday for her.

The bright idea was birthday coupons – promising her things she could get later.  Her cake was some dollar store cookies!  I don’t know if you remember or not, but Heather was such a big girl about this.  Bless her heart.

Both of you were such heroes when times were hard.

Christmas was certainly full of love this year, but on the slight side.  Heather made an awesome ginger bread christmas house and you ate as much of it as you could!

You were such a happy boy.  I loved your smile and your laugh.  My god you were creative and man did you make a mess creating stuff too!  You hated a clean bedroom – it had to be a mess or you just couldn’t stand it!  Course, I couldn’t stand it a mess;)

Well, I hope you enjoyed a fast recap of  your 2003!  I miss having you around smiling, joking, sharing your art work and telling me about your life.

I remember when you were about 3 years old and you would give us a big giant FAKE smile for the pic and you’d say, “I’m mile’n, I’m mile’n” , we laughed so hard we cried.  I hope very soon I will see your smile again.

Here is what I looked like back then, in case you forgot!  

Love Always,
Your Mom

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