Jeremy, we’re moving…

… and you need to know how to find me!  Jeremy you should always know where your mom & dad are.  I feel very odd moving away from this apartment because at least I know if you need me you know where I am.  I can’t say you have a clue what my phone number is, but at least you know where I live, but if I move, you don’t know and that bothers me!

Heck, I have no idea if you’ll ever even find this blog or read it.  I really hope you do.
I mock up images of you finally deciding to come and see us, maybe for the holidays and someone else lives here and you have no idea how to find me.  LOL, course that is stupid because hopefully you’d call your dad and find out how to get a hold of us.  Hopefully you always have that option, too.

So moving freaks me out a bit.  I have dreams about you coming back, a lot of dreams.

The good news is going in with Nanny to buy a nice home in Saint Peters.  One can get a lot more house for a lot less the cost over in St. Charles county.  Long story, but here’s the short version, we are all going to be moving in together again so we can help take care of her as she gets older.  She loves to cook and we get lucky there! 😉  The bad news is, if you go to your Nanny’s house, she won’t live there anymore either!

We will be moved by the 1st of July.  My phone number will always be the same – 314-558-2308.  I don’t want to publish our new address on this blog, but call me and I’ll give you our address.  We will always have room for you.  One day you will know the incredible love a parent has for his child…and believe me, it’s not something you can imagine.  I only hope that when that day comes, you have returned to our family so I can love my grandchildren!
May the day come when you realize that no religion has the right to dictate to you to disconnect from those who have always loved you, treated you with respect, love and kindness and have never done wrong to you.  No religion has the right to tell you that if you don’t disconnect, then they’ll desert you.

Ahhhh, but Church of Scientology does.  Sorry, I’m quite bitter about it these days.

I love you and I always will.
Love, Mom

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  1. Posted by Jay Phillips on June 6, 2011 at 10:50 pm


    Congrats on your new home! Isn’t it nice to enjoy the fruits of your labor, instead of having it harvested by a cult! I am sure Jeremy will come around in time. “The Force” is strong in you and your family, and your son will feel it and eventually come around..just keep doing what you are doing.


    • Jay it is amazing what has happened in our lives since we got away from that odd suppression. We have actually started flourishing and prospering! Heather hasn’t been sick to speak of since she left staff and come to think of it, neither have I.

      I was telling Mr. Bunker the other day that we would never have bought the house before because we would have felt wrong for doing such a thing.

      Thanks for your vote of confidence!! I have a lot of hope he’ll come around and realize how weird this is.


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