Your Sister, An Amazing Being!

I have so much news for you Jeremy, and so much I would like sit down and visit with you about.
I thought I’d tell you a bit about your baby sister, Heather, now.

She is doing well these days working part-time at Bandanas Bar-B-Q as a hostess and was just recently hired at  Walgreens as a “beauty consultant”!  Job security, heck there’s a Walgreens on every corner and with the way this population eats and regards health, she will have a job for a long time if she wants it! 

Just recently she is finally starting to make a bit of money working part-time at both places.  She loves her jobs and the people she works with and it appears they love her too because she’s treated well at both places. 
I’m so proud of her!  Your sister is a very ethical and moral being, who is a loyal friend and employee.  Can’task for much more can you?  It’s nice to see, because this inner beauty is fading out of society, as you may notice.

It’s odd and good at the same time, but do you know she hasn’t been sick once since last June?  Amazing!  Seems she was sick almost all the time when she was on staff.  I had no idea what the hell was going on with her back then, she seemed to come down with everything from mono to having no voice and I mean a lot.  She’s been amazingly well since then.  OMG, it must be all the good vitamins and healthy food she consumes.  NOT!!  LOL, I can’t get her to remember her vits.  Healthy food??  Right!  Not now that she has her own money. 😉

She’s been driving almost a year now!  We are selling her our car (at half price) so she has her own vehicle.  It will make an awesome trade-in on the car of her dreams soon.  She hasn’t had any wrecks, and I don’t expect she ever will, but she did back into a $2800 pole a few months back! 😉  Costs a ton to fix a dent these days.

Jeremy, you have an absolutely beautiful sister, at least I think she is.  It’s been a long time since you’ve see her.  She really misses you and tried hard to talk to you when she was having such a hard time emotionally dealing with her (your) dad’s brain cancer.  Knowing you would have no way of knowing how serious the situation was, she tried every way she could to get the word to you that he was not doing well.  She wanted you both to support each other and hold strong as a family during this trying time.  Finally when she did get you on the phone, via calling you from a friends phone, you wouldn’t listen to her.  You just quickly told her that you couldn’t talk to her and hung up on her.  It seems you then changed your phone number.  Jeremy, I’m sure you wouldn’t be thrown out of your church for your sister getting in touch with you to tell you your dad was in serious condition.  She was sad and hurt that you seem to hate us so much that you would hang up on her when she had something so important to tell you.

I’d like to give you all the glamour and funsy stuff and nothing else, but then that would just be one sided and hardly true, wouldn’t it?  Truth is, Heather isn’t as happy as you are with this arrangement.  You guys were really close and always had each other – even to just argue with – and now there’s this empty hole in her life, without you.  Family gatherings are a cruel & harsh reminder that we are torn apart.  Christmas this past year was sad and a bit weirdly quiet.  Just a glaring reminder.  It’s not pleasant, but I think these days she has put a hard shell around her heart regarding you.  I’m sad to see this, but it’s how she feels she can deal with it.  Pretend it doesn’t matter at all and tell everyone “so what”.  These days she doesn’t get sad when we talk about you, she gets pissed.  Every day that passes she gets more and more bitter toward you and I hate this.

I honestly believe that if I were in your boots, over time I would become bitter toward those who gave me no choice but to desert my loving family while they all have theirs!  They get to see their sister on their birthday.  They get to see their momma on Mother’s Day.  They get to have Christmas/Holiday gatherings with all of their families, if they choose.  Those same people are the ones who feel you’re better off not having your family.  The family that has never ever done you any harm – ever.  The family who stood by you through all of your “situations”.  Family (us) are forever, Jeremy.  We will always and forever be there for you, no matter what happens in life.  Those that advise you to betray the love of your mom and sister may not always be with you.  That is just the way it is.

Heather is your baby sister, the one you protected so much as a child!  She is no more a suppressive person than you are and I know you know this.  She needs you now and I hope you realize it before damage is irreversible.

I’m sorry, Jeremy.  I really intended to just give you news about Heather and tell you how she is doing in life.  When I began I didn’t intend to go into any of this, but it is just what it is.  No matter how many happy thoughts we have, we also have reality of the way things are.

Have you heard any news about us?
Do you know if we’re doing well or not?
Do you ask?
Do you wonder?

Do you know I love you, no matter what?

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