Travis steps up to the plate

Jeremy, your brother has really helped me through these trying few months.  Even though he lives almost 400 miles away, he has stepped up to plate to take up the slack. 🙂  He calls me almost everyday and spends time with me on the phone.  I feel completely loved by him.  Him and Jim have developed a fun relationship…..yeah, they play online vidoe games together whenever they get a chance.

He got a brand new 2011 Camero – it’s a nice car and he is quite proud it.  He came up here right after he got it and took us all running around.  Here’s some pics.  We had a really good time.

He is getting a divorce.  Times are changing for him.  He really tried to be your friend through this whole thing but said you won’t return his calls, emails or Facebook messages.  I’m sorry you felt it necessary to hurt so many people.  (Course, he doesn’t feel hurt by you, he just shakes his head in “wonder” about what is happening).

I saw him recently when I went to my 30 year class reunion in Sallisaw, Oklahoma.  Funny,  I came into town and he was working out of town, like that time you went there with Heather and I.  He was working 3 hours away, but he drove in on Friday night and came to see me at the hotel for a few minutes.  He was very tired, but I was so full of love and emotion that I got to see him!!!

I think he is coming again in July.  I hope so anyway.

Ok, well I’m out of here for now.  Need to go eat watermelon and watch a few minutes of TV…LOL.  Yep.  I’ve been packing all evening and I’m wiped.

Oh – that is another subject, we’re moving.

Miss you. Good night.

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